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School Lockers - The Classmate Unibody All-Welded Corridor Lockers
Greenguard Gold Certified - Children & Schools
Production Item
Body Construction type is Unibody All-Welded
Full Length Piano Hinge
Lifetime Warranty
The Classmate Info

More Info:

Locker Handle - Classmate Corridor Lockers come standard with Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Handle and make ideal school lockers


Deep-Drawn Stainless-Steel Handle with Gravity Lift-Type Latching

Locker latch hook - Standard:
12 gauge latch hook is welded to frame


12 gauge latch hook is welded to frame

Locker doors - Standard: 16 gauge continuous piano hinge


16 gauge continuous piano hinge

Locker Door - Full length door stiffener is included in Premier Series Classmate lockers

Upgrade to Premier Series Classmate:

A 3" wide 18 gauge full height door stiffener spot welded to the inner door face and MIG welded to the hinge side as well as to the top and bottom door flanges providing a rigid torque-free door. A 1-1/2" wide stiffener will be furnished for 9" wide Premier doors. All-welded lockers are only available in premier series.

optional upgrade: continuous 16 gauge sloptop


Integral Slope Top is fabricated of heavy 16 gauge steel, runs continuous across
a multiple column unit and is MIG welded at the factory replacing welded locker unit flat top. Sides are sloped at top providing rigid support beneath the
slope top between each locker column.

School Lockers - The Classmate Unibody All-Welded Wardrobe Corridor Lockers

The Classmate™
Unibody All-Welded Corridor Lockers

A Classic Appearance



Our unique double frame, unibody all-welded design provides a durable locker with a classic appearance that is backed by our life-time warranty.

What is Unibody All-Welded?

  • Superior unibody all-welded corridor lockers include our double vertical frame design adding strength, integrity, durability and visual appeal.
  • First we start with prime grade cold rolled sheet steel. 16 gauge for all body components except backs which are 18 gauge. Doors are heavy 14 gauge.
  • Sides are formed to be an integral part of the front vertical locker frame which locks into the bottom for precise alignment and added strength.
  • We MIG weld an additional channel shaped vertical frame member between doors providing a continuous door strike at both the hinge and latch side of the door.
  • The top and bottom are flanged downward at the front to form a 1-1/2" high channel shaped top and bottom horizontal frame member continuous across the multiple column unit up to 60" wide.
  • The base is a full 1-1/2" high keeping locker contents away from moisture on the floor and/or wood/concrete base.
  • Front-to-back channel stiffeners are welded into the base under each side panel providing a strong anchor bearing surface for installation and increasing overall unit strength.
  • Horizontal tier dividers for double and triple tier models project through to the face of the locker forming a horizontal cross member between doors for maximum strength.
  • Guaranteed in writing by our lifetime warranty.



  • body construction: All-welded unibody construction, 16 gauge solid sides integral with frame, 16 gauge continuous top, 18 gauge solid back, 16 gauge bottom
  • doors: 14 gauge louvered doors are standard. Plain, Security-Plus, Safety-View and diamond perforated door styles are optional
  • handle: Deep-drawn seamless stainless steel recessed handle
  • door strike: Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge and latch side
  • latching: 12 gauge latch hooks MIG welded to frame. Gravity lift-type multi-point spring loaded latching:
    • 3-point latching for openings 48" high and higher
    • 2-point latching for openings 20" high thru 36" high
  • hinges: 16 gauge continuous piano type
  • hooks: 2-single hooks and 1-double hook is standard. 1-double hook only for triple tier and 1-double and 1-single hook for 9" wide openings 30" and higher
  • shelves: 16 gauge hat shelf for single tier openings 60" and
    72" high, 16 gauge intermediate shelves
  • warranty: Lifetime

  • GREENGUARD Certificates:

    Indoor Air Quality Certificate



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