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Superior Lockers
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Wood Lockers - Club - Superior Wood Lockers
Production Item
one year Warranty
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Wood Lockers - Optional Crown Molding at top of unit


Crown Molding at top of unit

Wood Lockers - Optional raised base


raised base

Wood Lockers - Club lockers - showing open door.

Club lockers -

showing open door.

Wood Lockers - Club Lockers - 3x3

Club Lockers -



Wood Lockers - Club - Custom Wood Lockers


Wood Lockers - Club - Custom Wood Lockers


Wood Lockers - Club - Custom Wood Lockers

Wood Lockers for upscale Clubhouses

Ideal for Country Clubs, Health Spas, and Fitness Centers



Furniture Grade Wardrobe Lockers


  • BODY CONSTRUCTION: Wood lockers shall be fabricated from ¾" plain sliced red oak plywood throughout including sides, backs and hat shelves.
  • BODY STYLES: Single, double and triple tier
  • finish: All interior/front faces to be finished with a three coat catalyzed clear cabinet lacquer or equivalent.
  • DOOR: Furniture grade red oak plywood, finished with 3 coats of lacquer
  • HINGES: Concealed european-style cabinet hinges
  • HOOKS: Two single hooks per single and double tier opening. One double prong ceiling hook for triple tier.
  • COAT RODS: Standard for single and double tier
  • SHELVES: Hat shelf is included in single tier lockers.
  • LEGS: No legs
  • APPEARANCE: Natural red oak
  • NOTE: Other optional locking methods also available
WidthDepthOpening HeightFrame HeightTierGroupingOpenings Per Group Fully Assembled Catalog #Color Selection
Single Tier
1218727211-wide1UW1282-1A-WRed Oak
1218727213-wide3UW3282-1A-WRed Oak
1518727211-wide1UW1582-1A-WRed Oak
1518727213-wide3UW3582-1A-WRed Oak
Double Tier
1218367221-wide2UW1282-2A-WRed Oak
1218367223-wide6UW3282-2A-WRed Oak
1518367221-wide2UW1582-2A-WRed Oak
1518367223-wide6UW3582-2A-WRed Oak
Triple Tier
1218247231-wide3UW1282-3A-WRed Oak
1218247233-wide9UW3282-3A-WRed Oak
1518247231-wide3UW1582-3A-WRed Oak
1518247233-wide9UW3588-3A-WRed Oak



WidthDepthHeightCatalog #Color Selector
12184 WCB128WRed Oak
36 18 4 WCB328W Red Oak
15184WCB158WRed Oak
45184WCB358WRed Oak
Finished End Base
184 WCEB18WRed Oak
Finished End Panel (required at exposed ends)
3/41872WEP1872WRed Oak
Front Crown Molding
124WCM12WRed Oak
154WCM15WRed Oak
364WCM36WRed Oak
454WCM45WRed Oak
End Crown Molding
184WCME18WRed Oak
Contact Factory for non-stock configurations or custom wood species: